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The film tells the story of the beautiful, dream-queen named Sleeping Beauty who has the power to lull her subjects to peaceful sleep. It tells the story of her journey to become an accomplished Princess and to save her kingdom from the evil Prince Phillip who has vowed to take it over. You start singing Once Upon a DreamYou begin singing Once Upon a Dream to yourself. You sing:Once upon a dreamIll take a walkThrough the purple valleyWhen we meet againOnce upon a dreamIve got a dream to fulfillTheres no tomorrowTheres no place like homeOnce upon a dreamOnce upon a dreamOnce upon a dreamOnce upon a dreamOnce upon a dreamOnce upon a dreamAnd then you find yourself on the other side of the door, with a stranger named Gentle Giant standing there holding a rifle. Gentle Giant: Good evening, Miss Nesmith. Are you sure you dont have anything more dangerous to show me. Nesmith: I have nothing dangerous to show you, sir. Gentle Giant: Well Im afraid not, Im afraid. Im afraid youre nothing but an innocent young girl with a dream. Well lets see if Ive got any dreams to show you. Gentle Giant: I believe youre looking for another girl, miss. This girl is much older than you, Im afraid. A girl in uniform was taken into custody here a while ago and she said that she was looking for someone who might be able to help her get home safely. However, we think you might have a chance of finding her. Were going to start out on the ground floor. Theres three elevators in this building and theyre all on the ground floor. If you go up to the top floor, and I have no doubt youll want to do so, then you should be able to locate her. Im sorry to keep you, but well get you home. Im sure that, if you go to the elevator to the top, youll be able to find her. You look at Gentle Giant, who watches you as you make your way towards the elevator. You thank himYou say Thank you, sir.

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