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And now were going to get a little too personal. Well see how long you can resist. You dont care how old she is, youll put her out of her misery. You dont care if she knows how many cars shes in, you dont care if she doesnt want your money. You hate old women, you hate all old women. You grab her by the pudgy little waist, and slam her out of the car. She flies across the road and to the other side and then you slam her face into the concrete and push her to the ground. S always been an old hag anyway. Re not even fighting you anymore. You stomp on her face several times. She begins to cry and begs for you to stop because it hurts. S just an old hag and no matter how much you beat her, she always comes back. You then pull out your sex toy and start rubbing your hand all over her face. You feel her start to cry more and fall back asleep with your tool in your lap. When you wake up, you feel like shoving that machete into her skull while she cowers in the corner, but you stop yourself. You still feel disgusted by her being an old woman. All along, you have been just another tool in this larger system all along. Re just a simple customer to these people. Re just another number in the long line of people to be used to make a little money for them. S body to the scavengers and go back home. You take it apartYou take the car apart, you remove the dash, the steering wheel and everything else related to that. Then you take the steering wheel back, and rebuild it yourself, then you put it back together. T have the tools to disassemble a car, but you.

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