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The name of Beauty and The Beef reflects their restaurant in the best possible way. From the freshness to the taste, everything about a burger has to be just right. Unfortunately, things arent always that easy for Beauty And The Beef. Though their hamburger of choice is a popular one, their burger is not necessarily their best; and, as the saying goes You get what you pay for. This means some customers simply will not be able to enjoy their burgers. This, in turn, means the restaurant has to raise prices for everyone else. However, thats only a problem if you are the one that doesnt like paying more than you are being charged for your burger. Thats why Beauty And The Beef has a secret weapon up their sleeve. You have the power to bring them down from the sky. And there is no better vehicle to do that than the hamburger of a lifetime. A burger that will not only satisfy your appetite, but also provide you with some much-needed cash. You grab a few of your burgers and run out of the restaurant, leaving behind a few confused and hungry customers. You get yourself a hamburger and an order of fries, which are quickly brought to you. You take a bite and immediately try to keep yourself from overeating. Theyre good, but you should be feeling the burn after a few minutes. You turn around, where you almost feel like youre going to pass out. I havent eaten in over three days- Ive missed you. Im definitely saving these for other places. You say this as you grab another piece of hamburger and start to eat. You stay putYou decide against leaving your burger when you see a little girl who appears to be a little lost. He went missing a few days ago. Weve been trying to find him, but it hasnt been easy since its quite the distance. The pair of you head to the woods together, where you stop to have lunch. Though its just as the waitress brings out your food, you stop the girl.

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