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S no Hans Beauty Store in your area. S no store that sells nail clippers that is selling them to you on a regular basis. So you decide to go out and look for some nail clippers and nail glue. Re going to be able to get anything you might need. You see advertisements for online stores that are promising to sell nail clippers, but none of them are anything specific. Re about to give up, when you get a knock on your door. You pick up your hairbrush as you answer the door. I just wanted to ask if you needed any nail clippers or nail glue for school. Once again you go into the bathroom only to find that it is indeed a bathroom. Re just glad to be doing something other than sitting in your room in a daze. You open up the door to reveal your sister sitting in the bathtub. S wearing a loose fitting blue robe that shows off her curves. T you dry me off first. Anyway you can dry me off later.

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