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You wait over an hour to see if they will finally arrive, but you and everybody else are in for a big surprise. Ve heard that one of the reasons for the big parade is the fact that the Haitians are still in complete control of this damn country. Not much changes between the two countries except who is in charge. Re really hoping for is for a bunch of Hollywood celebrities to come. T happen with a bunch of old white men in Hawaiian shirts. Re literally shaking with fear in the dead of night. S a lot tougher than you thought it would be. Later that week you wake up sweating, so you go back to your trailer and just stand there for awhile. When you get tired of staring at yourself in the mirror, you go find the bathroom to wash up a bit. You try a few other numbers and call the number back. T block the number, it has been at least a couple digits off for about a week now, but you figure maybe it was disconnected. You check your phone again, and its past midnight by the time you log back on.

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