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S Drag Race is starting soon, and I thought you might like to meet the queens before they take the stage. Ll meet them and get to know them a little better. Tyra texts you a few minutes later. The new queens and their runway looks are already causing quite the controversy. S amazing, but a young, attractive drag queen can actually cause a lot more damage, no pun intended, than a man could. S really amazing to me that people still allow themselves to make those same dumb societal judgments about men on a daily basis. Tyra then sends a picture of some of the queens. M not even talking about their physical appearances. M talking about their social skills, their ability to relate to others and their overall intelligence. I mean come on, the fact that they can actually tie their own shoes, tie the ball, and therefore the shoe laces, and do the other basic chores around the house shows a lot of natural talent. S not forget that they ALL came from broken homes. Some people are just inherently more talented than others. Not to mention that they all went through some sort of therapy session together, which should definitely help them improve their communication skills. What do you think, do you agree. Some of them look more like Bianca. Some of them look more like Shangela.

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