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Youre looking for more information when the phone rings. Your heart starts to pound at the sound of the voice. You ask, trying not to show any sign that youre excited. Im surprised to see you out of the shower so early. Wheres the pleasure in asking such a silly question. As I said, youve met with the pleasure of my company. Youve also gotten a preview of our services. Oh, thank you, you say, as Teresa reaches out her arm and begins to lead you towards a large windowless room with a bar and several stools. See the big, beautiful, green thing on the left. You sit on one of two stools that are present. Smith will be with you soon, but you first have to learn about our services. Youve heard the tales of the industry before, of course, but a life-changing opportunity like this isnt something to be taken lightly. From a young age he was the only one who could see the beauty of the world. So much so, that he was chosen by God to protect us from the ills of the world. Were devoted to him, and only he can provide the joys he can, Teresa says, pointing to the bar.

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