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You cant wait to meet your friends. Re just waiting for your flight to come in. After you finish your snack, you look at yourself in the mirror again. Re already in full-grown hair mode now so why change it. You take a breath before you leave the bathroom. You walk down the corridor and into the foyer before you look at some posters hanging on the wall. You stop at a poster of a blonde haired woman. You always wondered if you had such a crush on her ever since you saw her in one of your classes. You were a bit shy and nervous in class and you always blamed that on Jennifer. In the picture from your side you see a tall skinny woman with dark wavy hair. Her eyes are large and her skin is pale. S side the picture is a little darker with wavy blonde hair and slightly paler skin. Suddenly you see her eyes and picture her from the other side. She has short brown hair and very pale skin. S very cute and she looks exactly like the picture with her eyes looking at you from there instead of at Jennifer. Just as your eyes are about to start crying, you realize that you have a face crush of her on the other side. S not a lesbian, does she even have any female friends. Re just a nerd with no real female friends. You need to keep your mind of your own failings if you ever want to have a chance with her. S right near the corner you are looking at right now. You rush there before you start to cry again. When you enter the room, Jennifer sees you and smiles. Re actually a lot cuter in person than I remember.

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