H.E.R. Wants George Floyd Tribute, 'I Can't Breathe' to Heal and Educate

H.E.R. wants to send a powerful message with her new song honoring George Floyd — one that captures the feelings and concerns millions of Americans have since he was killed.

The Grammy winner tells us why she had to write, “I Can’t Breathe,” after conversations with fellow artists, and herself, about Floyd’s death and the country’s emotional reaction to it.

H.E.R. says the track tackles one important question that’s been ringing in the heads of so many people lately: Why is there so much hate???

The singer/songwriter believes all artists should use their platform to talk about the George Floyd tragedy, because music can be a powerful vehicle for change. Specifically, the change she wants to see is healing — and she’s confident her new track can do that.

We had a great convo with H.E.R. about why it’s important for artists to speak from the heart now, and music bridging the racial divide in America. You can see all of that on Thursday’s TMZ Live.

“I Can’t Breathe” drops Friday, which is Juneteenth, and no … it’s not a coincidence she chose that day.

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