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This post has been edited by jennifersaiva: Mar 7 2014, 12:52 PMThis post has been edited by jennifersaiva: Mar 7 2014, 12:54 PMA post has been made for the bather in the water box. A thread has been made for the face mask and the hair masks. New postIn my previous post, I briefly talked about the new design choices that the team have been making. There has been a lot of discussion about where we are going with the game and many have suggested some of the changes. In particular, the amount of time spent on the interface has been a hot topic. So I thought it would be a good idea to do something about that and get your opinion about what a better interface might look like, what parts of it you think have the potential for improvement and what parts could be removed completely. Back to previous pageThe current interface was designed in the late 1990s for a computer game called Cyberia. It was a game where you were part of a squad and commanded a group of cybernetically enhanced soldiers as you fought off waves of automated attackers. It was never finished and it was abandoned when it was clear that cybernetics were not a viable solution. A lot of the games design was carried forward in several non-game publications of the period, including a 1997 book by Tom Hall, Im not going to go into too much detail here, the book is quite good, and a 1998 game manual by Tom Hall and Peter Woodhead. In simple terms, the interface simply wasnt the best way to play the game. You just had too many decisions to make at once and the lack of an overview screen meant that you couldnt easily see the effects of your actions in any greater depth. For example, in Cyberia, you had to choose what kind of weapon you were going to use, what armor protection to wear and what type of shield to use. You didnt really know the full effects of your actions until later when you upgraded your gear and gained access to the full games abilities. This interface isnt going to last forever and as we all know there are only so many ways of doing something. What we are proposing is a whole new interface, something very different. In Cyberia, you were part of a squad and would control your troops individually. In Shadowrun, you can simply control individual members of the squad however you see fit. The interface will be a combination of both screens, allowing you to see all the information at a glance and be able to control different aspects of the squad, such as movement, targeting and so on.

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