Granger Smith Reveals Wife Had Miscarriage Before Falling Pregnant With Baby Boy

The country music crooner opens up on the ‘roller coaster ride’ he and wife had in the past 15 months before they announced they’re having a new addition to their growing family.

AceShowbiz -Country star Granger Smith and his wife Amber suffered the heartache of a miscarriage last year (20) before falling pregnant again.

The couple recently revealed they’re expecting a baby boy after undergoing in vitro fertilisation treatment, but now Granger admits their first attempt at conceiving with medical help ended in tragedy.

He wrote on Instagram, “We can finally let everyone know about our journey the past 15 months. It’s been a roller coaster ride!”

“When we eventually settled on the heavy decision to try for another baby, and learned that IVF was our best option, Amber went through the tedious prep process for three months. When we had two viable embryos, Covid shut the clinic down and they were kept frozen. After four months, the clinic finally opened, they transferred the 1st embryo to Amber and she got pregnant.”

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Amber ended up miscarrying nine weeks later, but they didn’t give up hope. “I’ve seen Amber go through so much in the last few years and I watched her yet again with steadfast resilience navigate physical and emotional pain while preparing her body for a second embryo transfer,” the dad-to-be continued. “Four months later, she was pregnant again with the final embryo… a baby boy.”

The Smiths are already parents to daughter London, nine, and son Lincoln, seven, while their three-year-old boy River lost his life in a tragic drowning accident in 2019.

They are excited about adding another baby to their brood and are trying not to worry about what the future will bring.

Granger concluded, “We wait joyfully in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I’ve learned to not worry about that.”

The couple wed in 2010.

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