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At this point you have no idea what to expect, other than maybe a bunch of old guy with a clipboard, but you take the offer. As soon as you exit the building, you meet the owner, who seems kind enough. Oh, we try to take care of all our customers. You follow him down a twisting hallway and enter a dimly lit living area. You see a large wooden staircase and a floor made entirely of stone. A lot of them are on their way to visit us again. You take a moment to take in this detail and take it all in while you chat with the owner. So do you usually get guests then. No, but if they need any assistance with their day, we got a lovely little day spa to wash up in for just a few hours. S just say, my mom is very proud of her skills. As we go to the bathroom, the owner will tell you that she is a professional at her trade. We got a nice little tub and shower. You watch as the owner leads you through a series of rooms and into a dimly lit bathroom. Your bath tub and shower is ready for you. T forget to use some soap and lotion before you enter. Oh no, you still have a long distance shower. We got a nice small tub, a nice nice shower and a nice, small, wash cloth, so you can just lay down on the wash cloth and relax.

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