Gordon Ramsays Cornwall mansion to be demolished by developers after £7.5m sale

Gordon Ramsay's former mansion in Trebetherick, Cornwall is set to be knocked down, it has been claimed.

The chef recently sold the property for £7.5m and it's been reported the new owner already has their own plans for remaking it into their own home from scratch.

Hell's Kitchen star Gordon, 55, is said to have sold the property to Dominic Murphy, who is reportedly planning on getting an extension and ripping out the current swimming pool to replace it with another.

The plans, which are said to have been sent to the council, also state that the investor is planning to add a garage, workshop and a yoga studio inside the home, according to The Sun.

It's been said that Dominic is one of the country’s best known financial barons. He was even the driving force behind the £17 billion merger of Boots and Walgreens in the United States.

Whilst it's unknown how Dominic's new neighbours will react to his reported renovation plans, it's likely that they may not be too fond as Gordon's neighbours in Rock didn't react well when he had work done to his property.

The restaurateur's neighbours reportedly said he was bringing "Legoland to Cornwall" when he made plans to create a mega-home with scenic views of the sea.

Gordon's renovation plans are also said to have included demolishing a 1920’s home to create a more modern pad, as well as another second property called The Garden House.

A neighbour at the time said: “I urge you to insist that this house is not bulldozed and its façade be maintained or at least some of its character be retained rather than the short-sighted house which is currently proposed.

“The council will come to regret having allowed such traditional houses to be destroyed with impunity.”

This isn't the only time the star chef has caused a stir amongst his neighbours in Cornwall.

During the first lockdown, Gordon received backlash from some neighbours after himself and his family spent much of their time in their Cornwall home, instead of their London property.

Speaking about the controversy, he told Radio Times: “God knows why we took so much s**t from the Cornish.

“We lived down there; we just hadn’t been down there for a long time. We didn’t sneak down there at all.

“We got there at an appropriate time and had an absolutely amazing time. And a time like that – we’ll never get back again.

“When the kids started disappearing again, I didn’t want it to end – as a dad, not a chef.”

The 55-year-old has been married to Tana Ramsay since 1996. They share five children together – Megan, 23, Jack, 22, Holly, 22, Tilly, 20 and Oscar, 3.

After their recent sale, the family now own one property in Cornwall, as well as a property in LA and London.

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