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Broadcast journalist Larry King recently revealed his diagnosis with COVID-19 and subsequent hospitalization. According to multiple sources, the former TV host was struggling with the virus for 10 days before he was admitted to the hospital. People also reports that his time in isolation means that he cannot see his ex-wife, Shawn King or their two sons while he battles the virus.

But, things seem to be looking up for the Larry King Live host, with NBC reporting that he was moved from ICU on Sunday and continues to be treated at this time. As for his determination to win the fight against COVID-19, a source told ABC News that, “Larry has fought so many health issues in the last few years and he is fighting this one hard too, he’s a champ” (via Reuters).

King is one of television’s most recognizable faces and, after his retirement from his 25-year run as the host of Larry King Live in 2010, he came back to his job after two years. NBC reports that King got his start in the 1950s as a radio DJ and moved onto talk radio twenty years later. Establishing a long-standing, illustrious career, Larry King holds a special place in many television enthusiasts’ hearts.

Larry King has struggled with health issues recently

His battle with coronavirus isn’t the first time that King has faced a health scare. In May of 2019, the host suffered from a stroke that was nearly fatal, People reports, after he underwent surgery to place a stent in his heart. In 1987, he also survived a heart attack as well as prostate and lung cancer, according to the outlet.

In 2020, two of his children died. Andy, 65, passed away after having a heart attack and his daughter, Chaia, succumbed to lung cancer, People notes. “It is with sadness and a father’s broken heart that I confirm the recent loss of two of my children, Andy King, and Chaia King. Both of them were good and kind souls and they will be greatly missed,” the host wrote on Facebook in August.

“Losing them feels so out of order. No parent should have to bury a child,” he continued. “My family and I thank you for your outpouring of kind sentiments and well wishes. In this moment, we need a little time and privacy to heal. I thank you for respecting that.”

To move through the grief, King got back to work. He told People, “I’m 86 and it is what it is. I just want to keep working until the end. I’d like to die at work — I’ll retire right there!”

Hopefully the host will be able to return to his first love as soon as possible.

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