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Page -4You are so turned on right now that you can barely focus. The fact that you are even in this position is some sort of success, its enough to cause a smile to appear on your face. Thank you You think to yourself And Im glad Im here in front of peopleAfter a few questions and some simple mental exercises, the man in question is handed the clipboard and told to look at the pictures and think about a few words he feels are relevant to them. Your thoughts are interrupted by a loud music playing from a nearby speaker. Then you see a man with extremely long blond hair and glasses running down the street. This is such a beautiful view, but what makes this even better is how the sun is setting The man shouts. You are now wondering why there is a man with long blond hair and glasses running down the street. Then you hear a voice next to you. I was just running across town to the next town meeting in an hour, but I found this place and its really cool. You feel yourself getting a bit aroused by the moment. Well, I guess I can see you right away, since its the most interesting looking person I could find in this place. Then you start feeling all the warm feeling go from your body and you start getting some cold feet. No, I mean, I was just feeling a bit horny and thats why I was running across the town. I dont think were actually meeting todayAgain you are interrupted by the man with long blond hair and glasses. No, youre right, were not officially meeting at this location, but that doesnt mean we cant do something else together. You almost get in a fight with him right now. What sort of relationship are we supposed to be having with each other. Were not having a conversation here, were having rough sex in an alley. The other man seems to be getting irritated by your attitude and stops talking. Look, why dont you go and grab a drink with us and see if its more enjoyable then your current oneWait, what the fuck are you waiting for. I just got here and youre already trying to talk me out of having sex, because it will look bad if youre having an affair with another lady.

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