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This list is the result of the most inventive work we did in our lab this weekend. We are the biggest and we are theThe list is really good, you think as you quickly read through it a few times. A few days later, you have finished a very long list, and are now making some revisionsYou look over the list once more, and wonder who is on it. You think of a movie called The Princess Bride and a song called the Princess Bride theme song and are surprised to see that you are not on the list. You look again, and this time it is very clear that you are not on it. You try a more analytical way of thinking. You are a good personYou think about how hard you have worked so far in the factory. You think about all the people you have helped along the way. You think about your love for them all as well as your love for your children. You are not going to let a bunch of people telling you what you want you to do, what you like, or who you are make you feel bad about yourself. You will do whatever you have to help people. You continue your revision with a new list. You are not sure it is the best one you could make, but if you made another one right now you could revise it a few times as you go along. After a few hours, your list is finished and you are finished. After a few hours, you realize that you are in the middle of the ocean. 6:00 am, and you have been working this many hours in one day before. You try to sleep, but are too tired to do so. Instead, you sit in your chair and look at the list a few times several times. You are happy to see that you are not on the list. You are sleepy and happy right now, so you go to your bathroom to wash up when you see the list again. You were NOT on the listYou look at the list several times. You have been on the list at least a hundred times. You have been on the list too many times. You look again and then quickly go to sleep.

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