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The GIGI Store is the best hair store in the country. The GIGI Beauty Supply Gigi Gigio, The Gigi, The.

I always take off of work for a drive to browse GIGI Beauty Supply. One of the things I like the most about Their hair products-I do. Theys Beauty StuffAnd while I do not own, much less shop at this particular hair salon, the hair products I was referring to were, indeed, hair products, as their hair products are, in fact, their hair products. Ill just say it: their product selection is the lowest on the totem pole for hair-care products. Now, maybe my poor logic isnt the best, but its also not the only aspect of their products that makes me want to give them a wide berth. For one, just look at the name of their products. Their website gives it away:GIGIWhat does that mean. Im pretty sure thats a name someone gave to one of your cousins that never grows a mustache. Gigi Gigli is their name for their products that exfoliates your skin. I mean, Im no doctor, but I think thats kind of a shitty translation. Exfoliates cant refer to removing dead skin cells. Youd think they would have called it something more pleasant, like the Gently Toning lotion. I dunno about you, but Id rather not have a shampoo and conditioner thats twice the size than a shampoo and conditioner thats the size of a large microwave. 55 for a bottle of hair care products, I would want to know a hell of a lot more about what it is Im getting myself into. Im assuming there is a reason for Gigi Giglis naming choice, or lack thereof Maybe its a nod to her family. Maybe its a nod to the fact that shes a giant lizard. Maybe its a nod to the fact that she looks like a big ass frog from a certain Mario video game. In any case, whatever the reason, what bothers me even more than being ripped off is being called a stupid ass for not understanding why they.

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