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You sit down, and read the note again. You then grab a pen and paper to write it down. To: Robert GibsonFrom: Les PaulRobert Gibson. I know he sent me a guitar once. I always did my best in my lifetime to live up to your image. Now that Ive reached old age, I realize Ive outlived my usefulness to you. Ive been a burden to you for so long. I thought it would be through me that wed pass on all the goodness and passion you shared with your fans. Why did you keep me around as long as I did. I am old, and I am tired, and I am finished. But maybe youll still come see me. And play on the streets for a crowd of kids who came out of the bars after midnight. You were everything that was right about music, and you were everything that was wrong. Youll always be one of the most important men to me. And I will always remember what you had to overcome in your life in order to have what you had. 3333333333333333 You look at the note a few times and then sit back down. You look at the note a few times, then slowly go down on your knees in front of your laptop and read it again. You put it away and then continue lying on your couch watching some tv show. Youre not even worried about this man at all. Hes just a marketing guy, with a knack for getting free gear, a knack you never had. You answer the phoneYou pick up the phone slowly, and you hear a female voice answer it.

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