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K the former Apprentice star has been declared victorious. Other winners include: Steve Aoki, U. DJ Dua Lipa, female rapper and Kelly Brook, comedian All of them have commented on the election results. In Russia, the nation that has always been the most pro-American and has a lot of influence in the UN, celebrities reacted differently. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, former Liberal leader, member of the State Duma and member of the National-Liberal faction in the Russian Parliament, who is the first one who reacted to election results with a simple, yet eloquent, tweet:For many Russians, the election of Trump as the U. President is an attempt by Russia to put distance from the west and to turn back to its traditional sphere of influence. For Russia, Donald Trumps election has led Russian people to feel less safe and a feeling of uncertainty and even fear. Administration will no longer work to protect their national interests and will even oppose them. Trumps win has caused the stock market fall and the Russian ruble, one of the strongest currencies in the world to fall to two-year low against the dollar and the euro. For more information, please read Russian reaction to the U. We were the one that gave the order to go in there in the first place. If the Obama regime had his way, our military would be fighting in Ukraine. Military have had a long history of animosity to one another. -orchestrated coup detat in Ukraine that brought down Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. And that coup has left the country in turmoil, with Russias intervention bringing the country one step closer to a possible Second World War. If President Obama was hoping to provoke a war on Russia, he has failed utterly at that goal, but it wont stop him from attempting it on a smaller scale nonetheless. In fact, hes already hinted that hes planning another coup detat in Iraq. President Obama has made it very clear that he thinks the U. Hes also made it very clear that he would rather have a continued role in Syrias destruction.

Information about Celebrities respond to election