Gemma Owen says shes still waiting to be Lucas girlfriend weeks after villa exit

Love Island's Gemma Owen has said she's "still waiting" for Luca Bish to ask her to be his girlfriend, weeks after they left the famous villa, and just days after Luca finally met Gemma's dad, footballer Michael Owen.

Gemma, 19, appeared on Capital FM Radio on Tuesday morning, 16 August, where she got candid with her thoughts on Luca, 23, asking her to be his girlfriend, after she said she wanted to wait until he had met her family to make things official.

During her radio appearance, Gemma was asked: "Is this like an act of waiting, you're wanting it to happen?" to which she replied: "Well I feel like at this point yeah!"

Host Lauren Layfield then said: "You've been waiting a little while now, and we've all been waiting, so now I want proposal levels of asking you out, do you know, I mean I want it big!"

Gemma said: "I mean I know I said in the villa let's wait till we get out, want you to meet the family, let's not rush it, but now I'm like, okay…"

The beachwear owner made sure to drive the point home to Luca as she posted the clip of her interview to her Instagram stories – which was surely her biggest hint yet for Luca to get moving.

Despite Luca often teasing their fans that he is set to ask Gemma to be his girlfriend, he recently gave his biggest hint yet that he's due to ask her as on a recent Instagram Q&A, he said they're "nearly official".

During Gemma's radio chat, she also spilled the tea on Luca finally meeting her dad, Michael, with whom she is known to share an extremely close bond, whilst on a family holiday in Portugal.

Host Rob Howard first asked Gemma about the meeting, as he said: “You managed to squeeze in a holiday though, how was it when Luca met your dad on holiday?”

Gemma grinned as she replied: “Yeah it couldn’t have gone better, it was so nice!

“We got away for four days, it was a bit of like, got a bit of content, bit of chill time but yeah it was a really nice environment for him to meet everyone. They all get on really well and how he was with my brothers and sisters as well, like, so cute!”

Things clearly went so well with meeting the family in Portugal that Luca was invited to the £4m Cheshire home that Gemma shares with dad Michael, 42, mum Louise, 41, brother James, 16, and sisters Emily 14, and Jessica, 12.

There, he's met Gemma's beloved dogs and horses.


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