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You go to The Wax StoreYou go back to the local shop that the girl was also talking about. You walk up to the display case and see a few of the girls talking together about waxing and the techniques they used. You watch them as they go through the wax-taking process, one with a piece of paper. You see them take turns doing the same things repeatedly. It seems like they are going through the process over and over. One of them, a brunette, starts with a piece of brown paper. Her head swivels around to look at the screen while she holds the brush in one hand and a piece of white wax in the other. She continues to hold the brush and the paper while she uses her other hand to grab the wax and dip it in between her thumb and forefinger. Her head then turns back to watch as the wax is being poured into the cone, and then pulled back out over her nose and the rest is done the same way. She takes another piece of paper and begins to write down notes on it as she does the procedure. You will be able to watch this beauty and try to imitate her technique so you will be able to learn with a real skill, and not some hokey hack trick of some sort. You grab your own piece of paper. You just take a piece of white wax and dip it into the cone youre holding and it shoots up through the cone and falls into the cone. This is a lot less messy that the other method, and the color of the wax doesnt have to be so red. You read the NoteYou pick up one of the other pieces of paper in the case, a simple one, and read the note:Hey there,Youre here. I thought you were supposed to be behind those dumpsters. We had a group of four go down there by themselves. They said that you helped them wax their eyebrows and their eyelashes. I think you should come by and talk with them. Well have a group of about ten members and theyll get to choose who they want to go with them for the beauty and beauty treatments. Ive got the location all set just on a piece of paper weve just given out. Hope to see you soon,Gby BeautyAN: Gby is the name of the girls father in this series.

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