Gabys background in both beauty and nutrition allowed her to experience firsthand …

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You ask if you can work with meHow about it, young one. I dont think Ive ever been so comfortable touching somebody in this business. I just hope shes not too clingy. I dont want to have to ask her to go back to the bedroom. You ask how you can work with meWell, I have a lot of experience in bringing people together in a positive way. I mean I dont want you to do this and we both knew that. Well, Im a good teacher and youre a pretty hard worker and we could learn a lot from each other. You want to learn so much, but you dont see the big picture. I need your help, but its not an either or situation. Im your teacher, but you are also my student. We can talk about what you want to learn, but I need to know what youre willing to give so that you can grow as a person, and I think we need to discuss this again before the summer is over. Shes been very thoughtful to me, so I thank her and start to get up so she doesnt push me away. I want to learn, but I dont think she knows how. I dont think Ive ever really known what she looks like in person. I think I have a vague idea of her face in my memory, but Ive just always associated it with pictures. You ask if we can do something in person. Okay, we can do this in person later. We agree that we can do it in person and I get back to work writing up my reports. I dont exactly know what Im going to cover, but I think Im going to try to focus on the more practical aspects of our job.

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