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You just realized that youve been hanging out with a bunch of comedians who all look like idiots and a bunch of guys like the guy you hooked up with yesterday. Its not really that bad and youre at least somewhat happier now that youve realized this revelation. Youve realized that youre attracted to women too and that is pretty fucking awesome, but theres a new one staring back at you on your monitor so you take your mouse and keyboard off of the laptop. You press a few keys and soon you get a reply. Hello, is it okay if i call you, What a cute name, Sure. Im Amanda because you sounded like a girlYoure not a girl, youre a beautiful woman now. Maybe later, i have classes, Youre supposed to go to class, What classes. The english language, physics and biologyAre you sure. I think youll enjoy my company when were aloneOkay, i guessIf youre not going to go to class then you can come over later, but i really have to go to class, so come back laterThanks, ill be back after class You mumble in between your giggles. You hang up and think to yourself Shes really shy, she doesnt even know im attracted to women. Well at least until now as you play Angry Birds with your phone. You then realize you should probably talk to this Amanda girl on your computer in person cause its totally obvious you have feelings for her. You go to the computer room to see your girlfriend and what she really looks like. You see her in a red dress, shes really pretty. So pretty in fact, that you almost think youre getting some odd attention by her from a guy in the computer room when youre standing next to her. At first you think its her brother or some other guy shes been hanging out with that caught her eye, so you get a little cocky about how you got her attention, but then you notice a camera in her face. Shes wearing a camera too, so she knows who you are, but you dont care about that and start the flirtation: You get serious nowIm sorry i-its just, well the way your camera has this super cool one on it.

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