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We sell every kind of clothing we have on sale. Do you like our clothes at sale. If you like our clothes, we know you will like our clothes. We do not give up on our clothes at sale. You decide to test this out, and enter the shop. The girl at the counter looks very excited about selling you some clothes. You enter the foyer and find yourself in a foyer full of clothing stores. Most of them are very small and run by struggling small-time vendors. None of them are the size of a shop like this, and none of them have the goods like this one does. You see a sign advertising the clothes at the clearance sale on the high-top of the clothes rack. Ve ever wanted, including some very expensive items. You decide that you should buy a few things and try them on. You look over some clothesYou get down on all fours and start checking out some of the clothes. You also see a nice-sized mirror across the room, and try on some clothes in it. You find that the clothes fit very well and that they look nice on you. You also see that there is a big-screen TV in the foyer. You grab a game controller and check it out. You see a large refrigerator and a deep fryer. You also see a coffee grinder, an ice cream maker and other kitchen equipment. You grab one of the large containers of pickles and take a bite out of it. You quickly look at the rack to find some nice clothing in it. You are so glad to find some nice clothing in the racks that you put whatever you want down and head straight back to the dresser for more clothing. You grab as many as you can find and put them on in various combinations.

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