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Her body has changed, and her lips are now parted. Her head lies on the pillow, her eyes gazing at the ceiling in the dim, starry room. How far into the house do you want to go. Ill let you know when to come back. She bites her lower lip as her shoulders slump, slumping down onto the pillow. You turn the corner and come to the end of another hallway. She asks, lifting her arm upward to wave you out. As you walk down the hallway, Anna turns her head to look at you and the other direction. You go through several doors, each with the same message. When the end of the hallway is reached, you find yourself at a door labeled, Bedroom. Anna swings it to the right, so you swing it to the left and then you step inside. The inside is a simple, a black mattress lies on a white sheet, the only thing out of place. A small nightstand sits against the wall, a lamp sits on top of it near the door and two small, black chairs sit next to it. A dresser sits to the left of the bed and a nightstand, which sits against the right wall. There may be a dozen books in all, of varying sizes, but you cant tell what any of them are until you open them all. The only way to do that is to touch each one of them, which makes you want to do that, but when you do, you dont really understand what youre reading. You stand next to the dresser and sit down. For letting you get taken down the path youre on. When someone is in search of self-knowledge, theres no point in trying to turn back, because everything you do is a step forward.

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