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And thats just the headlines you could come up with. As you continue to read, you realize you know very little about her, although you do get the impression she is the daughter of a very wealthy businessman, or someone in the business of it. You also know she has been active in social justice causes for a long time, but not in the same way that Cox. You do wonder why on earth she has become a conservative Christian. At least, you can only guess it might have something to do with that famous incident with the boy that gave Cox a hard time at the Pride Parade. You continueYou continue reading, and you try not to read too much into most of the statements. If Im not here, youre never gonna be free of the chains of the world. I would never want you to be a prisoner of the world. You can live freely or you can live under my protection, thats the choice you have to make. -Cox to you, from a Facebook post, It makes me so mad that people are actually advocating for same-sex marriage, but refusing to marry themselves. They should marry themselves; its how they should make a contribution to society. Cox, Were all Gods creation and we should be free to express love and support each other for as long as the sun will shine. Cox, If youre reading this, then yes, we should take a stand as a community, for the sake of equality for all people. Because if we dont, then we are effectively saying that there is still a place for bigotry and discrimination; and we will eventually fall into the same trap that the rest of society has fallen into. A trap that has resulted in the oppression and murder of millions in the name of the LGBTQ community. Both personally as well as as a civil rights movement. If we want to live in a peaceful and harmonious world to come, then we must do whatever it takes to become stronger. The only way we can do that is by becoming better. Mallory, As you read this, you almost dont get out of bed in the morning. You can almost picture a conservative Christian explaining to his or her.

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