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A lot of them dont have any, or not that many. You could easily live for years on their meager allowances. Now then, do you want to have a bit of a little life, or do you want to live a big frugal one. If youre just going to sit out there like a big fat ball of sin, you cant really do your part. Besides, I can figure something out to sit on. Itll be boring, and I dont wanna sit on you. You: Owen, Im not sitting, you know you want to sit on me. You know damn well you want to sit on me. I can be anything for you if you let me. You see, womens worlds are different from mens worlds and I do not intend to wander into your world. You grab Owen by the arm and throw him at the fireYou grab Owen by the arm and throw him at the fire with a yell. Owen lets out a yell of dismay as you run out of the tent, only to see the three drunk ladies from the previous night lying on the ground, and you dont think you can hold her back any longer. You: I dont have time for all this shit, Im doing this because I fucking love you Owen. You: Alright, then lets get you home. You both get up and walk over to the tent and open it up. Owen opens his mouth to protest, and you grab him and throw him inside it. He still has his bow in his hand, ready to shoot at you, the way he was when you spoke to him. You grab him by his belt buckle and turn him around.

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