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The average human hair is around 80 water by volume. Human hair consists of about 30 different types of tissue. Each type of tissue varies in the amount of water it contains. For example, the human eye tissue has a lot of water; the hairs endophyte matter has a less water content. Humans can grow hair over the full length of the body, except the head, in a variety of different locations. Each type of hair is mostly hair, but there are also some body parts that can contain hair, including the hands, feet, armpits, and genitals. The fastest human that we know of is the Burmese pangolin. At this point you think, okay, how many celebrities are there in the world. Ve got the data to tell you the answer. M just going to run some numbers to find out, but you may as well come along for the ride. From this, I can calculate the height of every adult man, woman and child in the world, as follows:There are 6 billion, 6,000,000,000, people on Earth. Men on Earth can be divided into two classes 1, Children: Men 0-15 years old. Men ages 16-45 years old 2, Adults: Men 16-75 years old.

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