From drug possession and trafficking to assault and robbery, …

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S just that this is the way the world is right now. S too late now so you just chalk it up to the internet being the garbage heap it is. You go back to your job and the next day the paper finally comes in the mail. T go over too well with the rest of the office since the paper is sitting on top of your desk so they notice it right away. The government went to shit last week and the president is now dead. S going on Bobby, people are just freaking out about the current political climate. Re worried about their fucking jobs right now which is why the last job opening was several positions below mine. M going to go have a drink with Katherine and maybe we can catch up on some old times as well. A couple hours later, you get a call on your phone. T mean to get you into something of that sort. Nothing, but I would like to talk to you.

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