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You stand before her in the dimly lit room, with the other woman and her other assistant. The woman is a lot younger than your sister and looks like she barely knows how to use her hands. She has a small, delicate face and wears a face full of freckles and freckled lipstick, her lips looking almost like twin freckles. Her hands are thin, delicate and are resting in the lap of the assistant. You touch her handYou step forward and put your hand over the assistants hand. You feel like there is a spirit in that spirit, like it wants to tell you everything thats going to happen, that you have to know. The assistant stands up abruptly, with a sudden anger in her eyes. The woman doesnt even look at you, she just turns her head away. The woman turns to you, and the womans face does not express her anger or her tears; it looks like its on the verge of a smile, but it never comes. The assistant gets a piece of paper, and she writes a message on it, and hands it to you. You read the message, and look at each other. You need sleep, and a break from the horror of the situation in front of you. The woman starts to cry, holding onto the assistant with her two hands, and looking very pitiful. You grab the womans shoulder, and put your hand over the womans heart. You cant bear to see her cry anymore. Suddenly that woman seems to become very happy, and she pulls her head up from your hand. She smiles at you with her bright, warm and happy smile. The smile shes giving you is so bright and beautiful. The smile youve never seen from any human, human being was so, so bright and beautiful. But why, why cant it ever come back.

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