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Article about 10 celebrities that are gay

Gay Times, All Out, Gay Star News, Gay City News, Gay Activist, Pride City, GLAAD, The Hollywood Reporter, and a whole bunch more are all part of this one campaign. The world is truly a better place for having Gay celebrities in it. The world is certainly more accepting than when you were growing up though as far as gays go there are definitely more in the public eye nowadays than there were perhaps 5-10 years ago. People with different ideas, lifestyles, sexualities and opinions are no longer thought of in a negative sense. A lot of these changes were probably the result of the AIDS crisis that hit the United States and its surrounding countries which affected the gay community disproportionately. You cant help but wonder if the world would be a better place if you were gay. In a way you can think of yourself as somewhat of a free-thinker. Youre not bound by societal norms; youre not limited by any of those things, so why should you be bound by your own. So long as the subjects of your documentary are all over the place in what they feel about guns, thats all that really matters. Besides, who else out there besides you would be up to making a documentary of them. You could start by doing a documentary on the ones who fight for the Second Amendment, then you could expand from there. Its a fairly simple task, and the results of it will be quite spectacular. You ask as you stand at the front entrance of your house. The new government is in good hands and theyre starting to take sensible measures to handle things, theyre taking steps to reduce the number of gangs roaming the countryside as well, though thats of little consolation to those who are still being targeted. I heard that youre helping to train their troops. Well, I am, but not all of them. Theyre having trouble with the old, well the insane ones. Im hoping that eventually well have a full time effort on reducing them. Its a very difficult problem, but hopefully some of the things Im going to show you will help. Im not going to be as flashy as the military, though their training will certainly prepare me for the physical strain involved. Just like when our tribe was faced with having to take care of them.

This article about 10 celebrities that are gay