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The time that we are trying to make it to the nearest grocery store so we can get all the produce we can. Well this is also the year we get to take a break from working at the circus to do it again. Well there are plenty of stories I can tell you about the big circus that is about to hit the stage. So if youre a circus fan, then this story is a must read. You will like this storyWell if youve made it this far then you must like circus stories. You may have come here to see what were doing now, but thats not all youll be hearing. Well if it is a case of You might like it, but you might not then this one is definitely for you. We didnt want to write a story about just anybody joining, because we want each story to stand on its own. What we do want, however is for fans of the game to be able to enjoy this, as well as people who dont play the game. That being said, we can finally reveal who the new players are. Though for the most part youve already known We will give these newbies their own story which will basically be a prequel to the game. Though youll be able to find out a little more about the new guys through the different entries in our story section of this website. Of course youll be able to read all of these stories in their entirety on our pages. So lets get straight into it shall we. You will find yourself joining the circus after being recruited through a riddle. A riddle is a riddle drawn from another riddle and then combined with as many other riddles as are needed to make a new riddle. A raven has no clothes- Where theres smoke, theres fire- The only real purpose of life is to have fun. – The only thing worse than dying is not having enough fun before you pass. A few things to keep in mind when solving this riddle;.

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