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The beauty standee is filled with sporty-type items, but in the back is a large room containing a huge rack of products for yourself. The beauty products there are good quality, and theyre supplied by the best manufacturers in the world. The customers here are some of the best dwellers in the city. They dont use these products as regularly as you, but they appreciate that they could. You sigh softly as you reach the checkers. You can see the store for what it is, but you know theres no way of ever leaving. Afterall, you got your foot in the door and thats where youre going to stay. You shake your head and continue to the checkers, where you find a bunch of them. Theres one that looks like a little blonde girl with a big smile and the other that looks like a little yellow owl with a frown. You pause and try to get your mind off this. Theres got to be something you can do, anything you can do to get rid of this feeling. The only thing you can think of now, is taking the checkers. If you do that, you might make a break. In the mean time you just have to take care of yourself. You step into the checkers room, and youre met by the smell of dog. This is so bad, in fact it almost makes you want to vomit. With your eyes still closed you look around. You see a few bits of what used to be clothing, but theyre all dirty. You turn your head and see something that makes you pause.

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