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ReviewsWith these masks high concentration of peptides, the masks ability to stimulate the skin to produce more collagen and elastin are boosted and the skins natural ability to plump and plump up has been greatly enhanced. Plus, the masks special ingredient is peptides that the scientists believe could help with acne. 10 reviewsThese are definitely the best peptides mask that I have tried, however, some of the people who have bought this mask have had problems with them. Some have complained that the mask is too strong, some have complained about it causing their skin to break out, and others have complained of the masks color being too reddish. There have been reports of other masks being too strong and causing severe side effects, as well as some people complaining about being unable to peel the mask off. So, please, if you can, make sure that you try out this mask out before buying it. But, some people have been having success with this mask. And if youve been having problems, try switching your masks out. The peeps who have purchased this mask say that it does seem to work to give them a little help in fighting off breakouts. So, try out these masks out. Rating:-1Please rate on a scale of 1-7, with 1 being the least and 7 being the most. DescriptionIn a world where the sun never sets, a woman named Yumi is left at a crossroad. To take her fathers place as her guardian, or to return home and wait until morning. This is a fantasy, or rather, a psychological, story of a girls life with two options: life or death. You know that this is an existence made of nothing but a series of choices and losses, a game where life and death are only two options. You return home to find your father gone. There is nothing here but darkness, a black void. You wait for morning, until the hours drift away and you know that you have won, that all that you have lost is forgotten. You live your life, you make choices and you change your life. You might not know what you want to do tomorrow; you might make.

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