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Get inspired with our findingsyour pasta will have the perfect casseroleand be worth the waitandthe effort. Share 1 Pin Share 1 Stumble Shares 0Like this: Like Loading. A new series of interviews with the top creative talents working at Blizzard Entertainments Hearthstone team. In this first part of this series Alex Afrasiabi, art directoris introducedAlex Afrasiabi, art director: Hello everyone, and welcome to our interview series. Im Alex Afrasiabi, and this is the first in a new series of interviews with the top creative talents working on Hearthstone a brand-new Blizzard game and weve got a lot to cover today. Were excited to have you all with us today, so without further ado, Id like to introduce, Alex. Youre not on our website already, so please introduce yourself. My name is Alex Afrasiabi, and Im the art director for Hearthstone. Im a huge fan of Hearthstone and always try to learn more about it, and Ive read your interviews a bunch of times, too. Ive seen some of your interviews and Im always wondering what goes behind the decisions that you make, and it seems like that could be a really exciting part of the process for you, too. A: Yeah, I find that interesting, yeahB: How does it feel to know that youre at the top. Or maybe you dont know how youre at the top. A: Well, I guess Im sure thats not the most comfortable answer. Its definitely an honor to be at the top, and its definitely something that I couldnt have done without the support of the team and Blizzard, and its something that Im excited to get behind and do. Can you tell us what Blizzard is like in general, in terms of a team, and how many people work there. A: Well, were in Santa Monica, in the Blizzard headquarters, and obviously we work with a lot of amazing employees. There are a few key folks, obviously, and theyre the top creative guys at Blizzard, and theyre working on stuff like Overwatch, and Starcraft, and Hearthstone. So, I think the number is probably around 70-something people. Maybe more than that, but theyre working on it all the time. So how do you go about finding your vision and being able to communicate that to your team, and to the rest of the world.

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