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I never slept well or looked well that night with the moisturizer all wrapped up in my hair. I-I got a new-found friendship and I cannot live-without-you. This was the first time I had ever used foundation, even though I have used a tinted moisturizer before. I was still a bit wary of the product, but I just had to give it a try. The texture was a tad hard for my skin type, but even after applying a thick layer, and the rest of my face, my face and chest felt hydrated and not tight. I felt the product was actually helping me for my skin type, which was always a big red flag for me. The first day I used this product, my makeup was looking a lot more natural after the first few hours. I had a lot more control on what I wanted to do in the day and I could actually move around. I could see my natural features a lot easier. Ive always struggled with acne, but I noticed I was actually starting to have less breakouts the more I was using this product. I was like, Oh, okay, I have more control now on my acne, I guess that means it is working. I have been using this product for over a month and I already notice a definite difference in my skin. My skin feels more moisturized and even. Some of the people who have tried this product have mentioned that my skin looks even, or brighter, without make up. My skin feels better, but it doesnt look flawless yet, but its starting to come a lot closer. The only thing that is a real positive is my overall skin tone. In the past, my skin was very light and flaky, but with this product Ive noticed my skin looks more even and lighter. I never thought I would see my skin get so much better after only using this product for a month. The one complaint I have is that I wish I could get this product cheaper.

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