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You walk into the next room and begin looking around. You start noticing the various things on the shelves around you including a few bottles of a reddish-brown liquid. A few more things pop into your head and you find yourself reaching for them. The storekeeper says handing you a few copper coins. You take the cup and take a few seconds sniffing it. Yes, you smell it, and your mind is in the presence of your enemies. Its called the scent ability of your spirit, I think. You take one more look around before sitting on the bed and closing your eyes. Youre out the business of fighting these spirits. WEDNESDAYYou wake up to a loud buzzing sound. S about four inches long now and it looks like it could easily stab right through the skin of a human. Ve had this same problem for the past few nights. Well, not harmless, but not any threat to us as long as we stay out of their way.

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