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A little something that my mom sent me a while back called the book. Its called Little Things Made Great by Patricia Arquette. I have a copy in my bedroom and I think I need to read it more. What could I possibly do with this little known fact. Maybe I was even too shy to say it to you before, but a bit of research and I think I could put it out there. Okay, maybe thats a bit too out there right now. I just wanted to do something nice for you. I think we should figure out where the White House is today. I didnt know you had such interests. I know its not my thing, but I know I wont be able to resist that. I mean who would have thought a closeted girl such as myself could have such interests. Surely there has to be something in your city to check out. Okay, well I guess its a good thing I never went to the zoo when I was little. The animals were always screaming and looking at me. You cant just say you didnt like the animals. Okay, I guess I could go to one of those theme parks, but they dont always have an animal I can like. I mean I have one in my hometown, but Ive never been to one in my city. I mean its not like they only open those up all the time and I havent even been to one in a long time. Yeah, but you could go to a museum.

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