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Screenplay byAvan Ball and Kevin Spacey, the writers for this auteur have been trying to change this very screenplay. Go back to the main titleYou decide to stay on your original topic. Okay, so, um, last one: whats the main title for this novel. Well I dont- I-I-I cant think of anything. If theres something you want to change or add to the title, feel free to change it. You smile and pat her on the shoulder and say,Whatever. You start to leave, and Jane stops you. You say, and Jane returns to her laptop. You have a lot of things to think about right now at the same time, but you still feel that you should ask Kate the questions you really want to ask her. She appears to be really focused on her own computer screen, and not paying attention to your face, so you decide to keep it low-key. I think you know Ive always wondered about these symbols. Kate tilts her head to the side, as if she wasnt expecting such a question. Do you mean the ones carved into the wall. Or, do you mean the glyphs youve been describing. Kate seems impressed, and says,Well, I can tell you that these glyphs are not letters of some kind. I know of no language that uses these as their alphabet. Youd have to ask Ana, I havent been able to get them to decipher my scribblings. Ive only been able to decipher several of them. I wish I had the space to read through them all, but I will get to them soon. Kate takes a few more moments to get these symbols to decipher. When shes done, she looks up and says,You are amazing, Alan.

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