Fifi is Lumires girlfriend and a supporting character in Beauty and …

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You ask if you can leave your possessions which they say that they are going to give you a receipt. You tell them you want to leave the items and that you would like to keep them as they are valuable to you. You are given the option of leaving in what you think is a police vehicle or in a personal vehicle. You leave in a police vehicleYou leave in the police vehicle and head to the police station. T seem happy to be driving you anywhere. You are told that you will be transported to the park as soon as possible. Once at the park, you are told to enter a building and that you will be taken to your house where you can collect your things from what seems to be your parents. As you enter the building you are told that you will be able to collect your things from your parents after you are released from custody. On your way you see several police officers stopping cars of people with outstanding warrants and are trying to check the cars for weapons. However, they soon quiet down after you get through with them and are checking the cars only after the car has been unlocked and the lights and sirens are turned on. There is a small town in woods and country roads surrounding it. T a town even, but some sort of an outpost or a temporary refuge. You see people wandering about and wandering around in the woods. One of them looks up from his book and greets you when you get close. You ask as he sees you in uniform.

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