Ferne McCanns daughter Sunday has This Morning studio in chaos as she climbs sofa

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Ferne McCann's three-year-old daughter Sunday made a memorable visit to This Morning on Tuesday, leaving the studio in chaos as she climbed all over the sofa.

TV star Ferne apologised as her little girl started to crawl across the famous sofa seconds into her interview with Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford.

She laughed: "I'm so sorry! Like any other three-year-old."

But presenter Ruth reassured her, saying: "She's just excited. Just ignore as they say, this is all part of it.

"I remember taking Jack on a TV show and he was so badly behaved. I did a lot of 'oh, he's not normally like this' but it is part of being a parent, this age, terrible twos into threes."

Ferne, 31, paid a visit to This Morning where she often guest presents segments to talk about the latest series of her reality show Ferne McCann: First Time Mum – where this time, she documents her struggles with some of Sunday's behaviour.

She told how she had met experts including a "conscious parenter" who had told her to let Sunday express her emotions without telling her off.

But as Sunday ran across the sofa and made a grab for her mum's back, she said: "She's playing with my mic pack, I hope you can still hear me. Has she unplugged my mic?"

Soon afterwards, Sunday called out: "Mummy I'm hungry!"

Host Eamonn tried to offer her a snack but was quickly reminded by wife Ruth that it was against their Covid filming restrictions, and she was sent off to get a snack from her grandma off camera.

Eamonn, who has recently become a grandfather, told Ruth at the end of the interview: "Just let her do what she wants, chill!

"No, you see, this is you. You give all this advice and you're so stressed out at everything."

But Ruth said: "If you'll let me speak, I know this feeling exactly, that they're playing up and you're trying to get them to sit down."

Eamonn added: "It's the anxiety that comes from the parent as well, that's why children love me.

"My daughter idolises me, but then so do my sons as well." He then joked: "It's only my wife I have a problem with."

Fans loved seeing Sunday on the show as one person wrote: “Sunday is so cute!”

Another person commented: “Think ferne should have bribed her daughter before going on the tele. Be good and ill get you a present after.#thismorning.”

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