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Ll go get you out of this place. You give him more timeYou know when you and him were alone with each other and he was touching you inappropriately. You walk away from him, but give a light push to the side. He follows behind you and sees you leave. You have the pleasure of meeting Francesco at the beauty institute. D be having such a pleasant experience with a guy in general. You do a little exploring and get yourself into a good mood afterwards. You are soon invited over to his place to eat. The two of you are soon talking about a variety of things. You talk about your dayYou get hungry and ask how his day was. You talk about workAfter breakfast you talk about your day with him, and how things went. T want to eat out, so you and he each get yourself a slice of pizza. The only time you get tired is when you go to make a phone call, but when you do, he stays on the line with you. S already fallen asleep by the time you get back. The next day you meet him at the beauty institute. You talk about your dayYou go to meet your friend. You spend the day telling him all about your day, and you both tell each other about yours. You are on your wayYou both walk to the beauty institute. S fairly late by the time you get there. You both get your clothes off and have a bit of fun in bed. You both fall asleep the next day. You both meet up with everyone later that night for some more fun. You leave the beauty institute by the next day. You both leave the beauty institute early in the morning. You both split up, but you both give each other a few good times to last. You both meet up later that night with everyone for some more fun.

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