Federal Court Rules Marriott Must Turn Over Video In Michael Irvin Case

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Michael Irvin has scored yet another big W in his civil case with Marriott … a second judge — this time a federal one — has ruled the hotel giant must turn over any video it has that shows the NFL legend with his misconduct accuser on one of its properties last month.

The ruling was just handed down on Wednesday afternoon … marking the second time in two weeks that a court has ordered Marriott to turn over the footage.

Initially, on Feb. 16, a state judge made the ruling … but Marriott argued it should be allowed to take its time in handing over the clips, essentially saying Irvin was being disingenuous about the need to rush things. The case was ultimately kicked over to federal court to mete out.

Michael Irvin Files Scathing Lawsuit Against Misconduct Accuser, Seeking $100 Mil

Michael Irvin Files Scathing Lawsuit Against Misconduct Accuser, Seeking $100 Mil

The judge there, though, backed the ruling … saying Irvin had the right to obtain the video in an expeditious manner — because of the reputational and economic damage he said he’s suffering by not having it.

The judge did rule, however, that Marriott can protect the identity of Irvin’s accuser, saying the company’s concern for her privacy “is well founded.”

Irvin’s attorney, Levi McCathern, tells TMZ Sports he’s happy with the new order … saying, once again, he believes the videos will show Irvin did nothing wrong when he interacted with the female hotel worker on Feb. 5 in Arizona.

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“Michael and I are pleased with the ruling, and we thank the Court for ruling so quickly and equitably,” McCathern said. “We look forward to receiving the information that we believe will prove that Michael was engaged in no wrongdoing.”

According to the new order, Marriott has until March 7 to turn over the footage.

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