Fashion entrepreneur Fredrik Robertsson causes a stir in Met Gala 2022 outfit

Fredrik Robertsson causes a stir in Met Gala 2022 outfit

Swedish fashion entrepreneur Fredrik Robertsson certainly captured the attention of the other attendees at the Met Gala last night with his unusual, sci-fi inspired outfit. 

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Fredrik Robertsson opted for a bizarre and unmissable Met Gala look at last night’s event.

Fredrik wore an out of this world, sci-inspired outfit to the Met Gala on Monday, which caused quite a stir at the event.

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was ‘Gilded Glamour and White Tie,’ which references the lavish era of American fashion in the last decades of the 19th century.

During this time, industrialisation rapidly increased the country’s wealth gap.

Fredrik seems to have interpreted this theme in a very unique way. 

As part of the striking look, the fashion entrepreneur had also bleached his hair and eyebrows. 

He wore bold eye make-upincluding a smokey eyeshadow look. 

Some people confused Fredrik for actor Jared Leto, who has also been known to wear striking outfits to the annual event.

Fredrik Robertsson made quite the entrance at the Met Gala on Monday

Fredrik Robertsson wore a very unexpected outfit with spikey extensions attached to his chest, arms and legs. 

Fredrik wore a bodysuit and flared trousers

The trousers had clear panels in them. 

Fredrik died his hair and eyebrows blonde for the look

He took to Instagram before the event to share his process as he prepared to attend the Met Gala. 

Fredrik wore a very extravagant look at the Met Gala

Outfits are usuallyy breath-taking at the Met Gala and Fredrik’s was certainly surprising. 

Fredrik posed confidently in his futuristic get-up

Fredrik looked confident as he posed on the red carpet. 

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