Farrah Abraham Threatens to Adopt a Kid AND Run for Office!

For some strange and unexpected reason, Farrah Abraham appeared in April 2022 on Howie Mandel‘s podcast, Howie Mandel Does Stuff.

And let's just say the former Teen Mom OG alum didn't disappoint.

At one point, she said she hasn't had sex in three years.

At another point, she talked about her recent arrest… at another point, she talked about the possibility of adoption… and, at another point, she talked about maybe running for governor of some state someday.

She also delved into her plans to become a stand-up comedian.

There's a lot to unpack here, people.

So sit down. Settle in. And let's go through it all, shall we?

1.Is She Talking to Her Mom These Days?

2.Does She Still Want to Adopt a Kid Someday?

3.Did She Really Assault That Nightclub Security Guard?

4.Why Did She Check Into the Makena Path Treatment Center?

5.Did It Work?

6.What the Heck is This Stand-Up Comedy Thing About?!?

7.And She Also Wants to Be a Lawyer?!?

8.Okay, Maybe Not a Lawyer. But…

9.Was She Really Trying to Sell Her Poop Awhile Back?

10.Come On, Farrah. Be Honest!

11.Does She Really Plan to Run for Office Someday?

12.You Can't Just Magically Be a Governor, Though…

13.Okay. What are Her Political Goals?

14.She Won't Ever Be President, Though

15.What Does Farrah's Money Situation Look Like?

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