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You dont watch any extraEven if you do see the sexy bits, you know youll be missing out on all the other good stuff thats on there. You watch some of ExtraThe next day you decide to watch some extra. At the very least youll get an idea of what youre getting yourself into. It was a simple process of going to Extra and finding something to watch. A lot of the stuff on there didnt hold your attention. The stuff about the girls that lived in the house was pretty boring. There were so many more interesting and funny stories about the guys on there. You started watching some of the guys videos and got addicted to the humor. You found yourself watching a lot of Extra and your computer was being used for nothing else but viewing Extra. You tried to stop yourself, to at least go on to the next video and the next and the next, but the addiction got too strong and you had to watch everything from that day. Youre going to have to learn to control yourself, or youre just going to end up going through all this all over again. You are a loser and just need to end it allThis time is the last day, youve done it, youve watched the whole thing. The worst of it is, youre actually pretty sure that youre addicted to the comedy on that site. You had to use your computer to do some of it in the first place. You have no choice but to give it up, youre going to need the rest of your life to just be a normal person. The first stepYou know theres a better option. You want to change up your life. You know you cant just give your computer away. You need it to be in good working order for the rest of your life. You get on a plane and move to New Jersey. You start up your computer as soon as you arrive but immediately get bored of watching videos for awhile. You continue to change your lifeIt is clear to you that the only thing that can satisfy you is real interaction. You need to change the rest of your life. You go looking for a jobYoure going to go searching for a job. You go looking for a restaurantYou find a job. Youre a fry cook at a local diner, you get to chat with the customers all the time about whatever came to mind, sometimes you get to be a.

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