Expose Pt1: Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits…

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Im the last of my kind, I deserve to live. Ill take on any form or form as long as I live. You say while shaking your head. The creature says as it falls to one knee on the ground. The creature then takes your hand in its own, as it presses it against its face, before biting the top of your hand. You scream in pain, with great pain running through your entire arm, but the screams of your children are drowned out by the screams of the other monsters nearby. Then the creatures head explodes, killing it instantly. Youre not convinced that you even want to be at this point, but you are in need of money and you know you can get it at this place. You walk up to the counter and say, I have a request. The woman looks at you and nods before speaking. Ill see what I can do, go right ahead. Ill have someone bring you some drinks. You grab a soda and a can of beer while grabbing a bunch of small bills from your pocket and head out of the club. The moment you get to your car, you notice a bunch of car keys on your key ring. You go in the car and start pulling out your keys when you notice something sticking out with the key ring. You stop and look and its a small plastic bag. You open it up and inside is a small pouch with a black stick lying inside it. You take it from your key ring and try it out on your arm. Well its true what one of your friends said about this place. You cant even imagine a world without it.

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