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SLEEPING Gingerbread Villainess Aurora birthday, Disneys Gingerbread Villainess Aurora, Birthday Cake. SLEEPING Prince Alexander Aurora, Birthday Cake. Whats the last movie that inspired some kind of memory in you. Wait, didnt you used to go to a place called the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. You need to do something completely out of the ordinary, but that still has a certain nostalgia. You remember watching The Blue Umbrella one time. Youre sure youre not the only one who does, so you keep watch. You watch it over and over, but this time, the scene youre remembering isnt one of a mans dreams, but one of a real, live blue umbrella. As you go to sleep, you dream of playing under that umbrella, playing that music. You see, its a floor that splits off into small rooms. Theres a little waterfall coming out of a rock face to the left, and to the right, is a waterfall coming out of a rock face. There are trees growing between the rocks, as well as vines hanging down. Theres a little stream coming down one of the rocks, and little pools of water. And to your left, is a house, but on the other side of the garden. Looking around, you see little doors, with little windows. Each one of these doors opens a little bit. You can see little figures, dressed in old clothing.

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