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And even your own portfolio and custom photography. I was born in the USA and moved around the world with my family. I had always wanted to study art in college, but I didnt want to travel as much, as my father would have wanted me to. He is an artist and graphic designer, so he was always encouraging me to pursue anything I wanted to. Unfortunately, I could not find enough money to go overseas to college for a degree, so I decided to do something I enjoy, which is writing and drawing for a living. I live in a small town in the US of A located in the central part of Illinois. I grew up in a small town called Saginaw, Illinois. I love the people there, and everything here is wonderful. I think Id feel that same love here. I wanted to do something I can do in my free time. In my free time, I like to go home and paint. Paintings that I finish to my satisfaction, and have people come see them, and enjoy them. Its very relaxing to get your artwork out there, and Im sure people will share it with their friends, family and coworkers. I am currently residing in Machesney Park, Illinois. Machesney Park is about 15 miles from my home, but about 200 miles from Chicago, so I can travel up to my home town to paint. Im not sure when Ill be able to paint again, because Ive had to cancel previous appointments because of financial issues, but Im doing my best to get my painting done. For me to go to college, I need to pay for tuition and fees in order to get an arts degree.

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