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See more beauty and fashion and beauty bloggy. We dont know what prompted the tabloid to remain silent. What we do know is the president doesnt give a shit about the Enquirer, but that hasnt stopped him from bashing the publications coverage of his administration on Twitter. Of the Republican National Committee because of some story they did, guess what, that story is garbage. RealDonaldTrump, I know the Democrats will try to fall back on the phony Russia story, but its the Democrats who are the opposition party. They didnt allow the FBI to do its job under Obama, now they cant even protect their candidate. They have been losing this politics to Russia and cyber war forever. Previous EntriesImage copyright Reuters Image caption Police used pepper spray on the protesters outside the courtPolice in the US state of California have used pepper spray to disperse hundreds of protesters outside a court in San Jose who have occupied a courtroom to demand the release of a protestor who was allegedly beaten while in custody. The protesters had set up a makeshift roadblock outside the courthouse. Prosecutors in the case said the man was not injured and the case against him will proceed. Authorities in the town of San Jose are on alert over possible attacks against police. Image copyright AP Image caption Protesters have occupied the San Jose Regional CourthouseThe case involves Gavin George Bailey, a software engineer charged with three counts of identity theft after allegedly using another mans debit card to withdraw funds. A Facebook group called Justice 4 Gavin Bailey formed after the incident in July, calling for his release. The protesters left the courthouse late on Monday after several hours, while court staff tried to prevent them from re-entering the building. A crowd of about 300 people remained outside the courthouse after authorities imposed a no-parking ban. Police told media that pepper spray was used and protesters were given verbal warnings before being removed. A video posted on Facebook appeared to show police using pepper spray on the protesters, but officials did not confirm or deny that.

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